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What Nursing Means to Brunswick Pointe

May 17, 2023
Brunswick Pointe is proud to be celebrating our Nurses for National Nurses Week! Along with the many gifts and surprises they received last week, we made sure they felt extra special by sitting down with them and listening to their personal journeys through healthcare and how they got to where they are today. We asked our Director of Nursing, Assistant Director of Nursing, and Nurse Supervisor what nursing meant to them and what inspired them to follow this career path.

Amber, DON

"I have always been drawn to the nursing profession because it's rewarding, challenging, demanding, and interesting. I push myself every day to learn and improve as a person. I am faced with new challenges every single day that requires me to be quick on my feet, and that changing environment is exciting and keeps me going. The medical field is vastly changing daily. There is always something to learn or do in the nursing field that can improve an individual’s quality of life. Knowing that I can be that person that gets to help an individual in some way is the reason I’m a Nurse today."

Pictured From R to L: Silvanna - Nurse Supervisor, Amber - Director of Nursing, and Alex - Assistant Director of Nursing

Alex, ADON

"I believe my love for nursing came at such a young age from watching my mom work in the medical field daily. I was always around medical professionals, who were constantly faced with various challenges. It was so intriguing to me. My mom’s passion to care for patients really motivated me to be just like her. I was always fascinated by the stories she would share with me. Nursing, to me, is an exciting field that is always changing. It provides challenging opportunities for learning and growing as a person in the healthcare field. I love to challenge myself every day. I believe that the compassion, love, and energy I have for taking care of people is what has shaped me to become the best Nurse that I can be. Not just for myself but for my residents as well."

Silvana, Nurse Supervisor

"I became a Nurse after several years in accounting. I knew I had a passion to help others and not just do a desk job. My kind heart drove my passion, and I pursued my dreams to become a Nurse and make a difference to others."

Brunswick Pointe is proud to be a 5-star facility providing 5-star quality care. We wouldn't be able to accomplish this without the caring and devoted hearts and skills of our Nurses. We love our Nurses! Happy National Nurses Week!

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What Nursing Means to Brunswick Pointe
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